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HBA1-e single rack oven

Standard digital control panel
Advanced digital control panel
Includes standard control features plus:
Heavy duty rack lift includes high-temp bearings
and slip clutch soft start rotation system
Stainless steel interior and exterior construction
Flush floor provides easy access - no ramp
Field reversible bake chamber door
Space saving 55" wide x 57" deep footprint
Self-contained cast spherical steam system
Built-in rollers and levelers for ease of
Single point 8" vent connection
Stainless steel B style rack lift
Capacity - one single full-size baking rack
1 2" NPT. Cold water @ 45 psi. (207 kPa) minimum @
3.0 GPM (.19 liters/sec) flow rate.
Choose either rear or front drain and plug the drain
connection that is not in use. Route to air-gap drain.
Hood Vent 8" diameter connection collar. Hood is fully
code. Chamber vents are factory-ducted to this integral hood.
600 cfm (17m3/min) req d. [0.4" w.c. (100 Pa) static pressure
Minimum ceiling height for tilt up and maintenance
1. The purchaser is responsible for all installation costs and
for providing: Disposal of packing materials; labor to
unload oven upon arrival; installation mechanics; and all
local service connections including electricity, vents, gas
water and drain per local code. A factory technician or
factory authorized installation technician must supervise
2. All services must comply with federal, state and local
3. To reduce the risk of fire, the appliance is to be mounted
on floors of non-combustible construction with noncombustible
flooring and surface finish and with no
combustible material against the underside thereof, or on
non-combustible slabs or arches having no combustible
material against the underside thereof. Such construction
shall in all cases extend not less than 12 inches beyond
the equipment on all sides. IMPORTANT: Do not route
utilities (wiring, plumbing, etc.) in or under the noncombustible
4. Minimum clearances to combustible construction:
0 inches from sides and back. 10 feet minimum ceiling
Oven 67" x 108" x 64" * 51" x 55" x 99.5" 2202 lb. / 268.0
Hood 22" x 84" x 41" 55" x 18" x 31" 281 lb. / 41.7
Door 11" x 78" x 40" 9.5" x 74" x 34.5" 220 lb. / 19.0
Steam System 15" x 15" x 14" N/A 272 lb. / 2.1

HBA1-e single rack oven HBA1-e single rack oven HBA1-e single rack oven HBA1-e single rack oven