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Firelite ms-9200UDLS

This is for a brand new Fire Lite MS-9200UDLS It was only opened to take pictures.
The MS-9200UDLS Fire Alarm System offers state-of-the-art technology
with easy installation, operation, and maintenance. Built upon
the features found in the highly successful MS-9200UD, the new LS
model features Fire-Lite's new fast Litespeed polling protocol. Not
only does it poll 10 devices at a time, it permits the use of standard
unshielded fire wire. The new panel also features a larger enclosure
with electronics mounted on a quick remove chassis. The new chassis
allows the installer to install just the backbox during construction,
while keeping the electronics in a safe place. Once the wires are
pulled into the enclosure, the electronics can be quickly installed
Suited for stand-alone applications, the MS-9200UDLS is ideal for
commercial, industrial, manufacturing, office buildings, schools, strip
malls and other facilities requiring performance-based, sophisticated
technology at reasonable cost. With capabilities such as remote
upload/download programming and diagnostics, addressable point
identification, drift compensation, built-in digital communication,
and NAC synchronization, the MS-9200UDLS delivers features typically
found only in more expensive, larger systems.
High Performance with Remarkable Flexibility
The panel supports a wide range of addressable sensors, control outputs,
and notification devices capable of meeting the most challenging
design specifications. With support for up to 99 modules and
99 detectors (198 total addressable points) on a single loop and
a power supply that can expand up to 6 amps, the MS-9200UDLS
provides ample room for expansion as your business needs grow.
With an integrated Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT)
for off-premises monitoring and remote Upload/Download programming
support, the MS-9200UDLS is a compact Fire Alarm Control
Panel that provides large system technology with remarkable flexibility.
The new panel is also compatible with Fire-Lite's new IPDACT
Internet Monitoring communicator.
Valuable, Time Saving Innovations
The MS-9200UDLS's auto-programming feature allows the system
to quickly identify and configure detector and module types establishing
fire protection for an entire facility within seconds and
permitting immediate building occupancy.
Additional control-by-event programming can be accomplished
through the on-board keypad or Windows -based programming PK-CD
Ideal for small to mid-sized facilities
software, permitting direct mapping of detectors to
outputs without need for additional wiring and installation
labor. The easy-to-use software allows users to
upload/download complete panel programs, history
files, walk test data, obtain current status and system
voltages through a direct connection at the panel or
off-site through the built-in DACT modem. A PS2 keyboard
connector has been integrated into the CPU,
allowing most standard computer keyboards to plug
directly in for easier keystrokes, simplified programming
The MS-9200UDLS has built-in NAC synchronization
protocol for System Sensor , Wheelock , and Gentex
devices that removes the need for additional wiring,
hardware, and synchronization modules, and, is especially
beneficial when retrofitting existing devices.
Up to 32 remote 80-Character LCD annunciators can be
connected to convenient locations for remote display
of system status and control of drill, acknowledge and
silence functions. The panel can also be integrated
directly over one cable with the ACC-25/50 Audio
Command Center Voice Evacuation System.
The MS-9200UDLS is designed and built by Fire-Lite
Alarms, well known throughout the world for high
quality and exceptional design. To learn more about
the MS-9200UDLS or other quality Fire-Lite products,
call (***) 484-7161 and ask for the distributor nearest
you or visit us at .
Small to medium facilities including:
- Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools)
Commercial buildings including:
- Smaller Hospitals and Clinics
- Retirement or Assisted Living Facilities
One Fire-Lite Place Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA (***)-484-7161 Fax: (***)-484-7118
Copyright 2006 Honeywell Int l M-SS-9200UDLS 03/06 2K
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Firelite ms-9200UDLS Firelite ms-9200UDLS Firelite ms-9200UDLS