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Flex trim the original flexible molding

This is a 3/4 " x 3 1/2" x 12' roll of Flex Trim.
Flex Trim our standard Flex Trim resin molding is the ideal
companion to real wood molding, because it makes the trim on curved
walls and round windows easy to install at a third of the cost of curved wood
moldings. Even our custom, made-to-order Flex Trim is less than half the cost of
machine or hand-shaped curved wood molding.
Flex Trim's traditional crown molding shapes will bend to an exact fit, making it easy to install both inside and outside true radius wall curvatures. Flex Trim handrails are available in 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths that will flex to fit most curved staircase or railing applications. Of course, when Flex Trim is used as a decorative railing cap it must be supported by a rigid structural railing system.
All Flex Trim products are extremely durable. The resin we use is not affected by salt, moisture, heat or cold, so it's great for interior and exterior applications.