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Used 12.5 kw 2-71 detroit diesel generator

The Source for Reliable Diesel Generators
1200 RPM * Water-cooled * Tested
Perfect for Emergency Power, Solar Backup
GREAT NEWS! We have located another small quantity of these great generators.
If you have been thinking of purchasing one, don't delay!
These are the heaviest small diesel generators available. There is nothing like them being built today. They were originally designed to run 40,000 hours before a top end overhaul was necessary. These units weigh in at 2200 pounds and combine the 2-71 Detroit diesel engine with an extremely heavy duty all copper wound Delco brushless alternator. The engines run at 1200 RPM - less than any other comparable generator built today and part of the reason they have such great longevity.
* Extremely heavy duty design and construction
* All units are used and load tested for 2 hours.
* Water cooled - oversized radiator
* Electric start (battery and cables not included)
* Hours on these units are unknown
* These are four wire power distribution: 230V-3 phase, 220V single phase, or 110 single phase (three hot, one neutral wire), 40 Amps
* Fuel consumption - 1.0 gallon per hour at full load.
With all the potentials for power failures from hurricanes, snow/ice storms, over-loaded power grids or terrorists, having a backup generator just makes sense. Don't wait until it is TOO late to prepare! Get your generator NOW!
NOTE: The 2-71 Detroit Diesel engine can run on 100% filtered waste oil including vegetable and motor oils with no engine modification.
Keep the lights on when the power goes off with a diesel generator from AFFORDABLEPOWER.

Used 12.5 kw 2-71 detroit diesel generator Used 12.5 kw 2-71 detroit diesel generator