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Microscribe G2 3D digitizer cmm

***UPDATE*** I just finished connecting the California system into the USB port of my Windows XP machine. I took screen captures of three scanned points in space and uploaded it here so you can see it generating 3D points in picture 2 of this listing.
The Microscribe 3D series of digitizers have been a remarkably inexpensive way to digitize 3D objects, or to provide 3D input, for artists, engineers, and scientists. Unfortunately the original Microscribe 3D only came with an RS232 serial interface and most modern computers no longer have a serial port, laptops in particular, making the older model less and less desirable in the marketplace. To this end, Immersion created a new series of digitizers, the G2 (list $3495), which is identical in specifications and construction to the 3D apart from its color and the replacement of the serial interface with USB.
The picture is just a stock photo so people can see what these arms look like. Each arm is in good condition apart from minor scratches and dents that you'd expect from a previously owned unit, comes with a power supply, a footswitch, MUS software (described below) and PDF manual along with a few other tidbits I've collected on a CD that I'll burn, and is equipped with USB interface - pretty much everything you need to attach this to your PC and start using it.
I am willing to include up to an hour of my time (you have to call me on my landline) in trying to help you (I'm an electrical engineer) to get the arm basically working, though I cannot support any other software, plugins, or issues with your computer or software setup - the internet is probably your friend in that regard. I have no idea if this will work with Windows 7 or Vista so don't ask me - you're on your own there, though I'd GUESS it might work when 7's in XP mode....MIGHT.
Precision Mechanical Arm - High performance sensors track the position and orientation of the stylus tip. Graphite links create a robust yet lightweight structure. Counterbalanced for a comfortable feel.
Software Integration - MicroScribe functions with popular graphic modeling packages.
Affordable - Ideal for studio, office or home.
Compatible - Connects to PC (also old MAC and SGI, but I don't have the cables or software for those)
Versatile Base - Sits on desk, mounts on tripod, or attaches to any surface (I wouldn't recommend this as the arm could get damaged if hit).
Small Footprint - 6" x 6" to fit on even the messiest desks :-)
Interface - serial RS-232 or USB-A (USB 1.1 I think)
Published Specs - Accurate to +/-0.015" (0.38 mm), Workspace Size: 50" (1.27 m) though you can "stitch" larger workspaces if you're brave
Microscribe Utility Software (MUS)
This stand-alone application runs simultaneously with other Windows programs. Instead of manually typing in point data, use MicroScribe Utility Software to record XYZ coordinates from the MicroScribe by emulating keyboard input. Compatible Windows (98, NT, 2000, ME and XP) programs (I have not tested all of these...) can then capture these emulated keystrokes where 3D point data is entered.
MicroScribe Utility Software supports ( I haven't tested these):
MicroScribe Utility Software offers many features including:
* The ability to author custom format strings and save them
* A custom reference feature allows users to define the origin and direction of the X and Y-axes within the physical workspace
* Scan Planes allow data collection on planes that 'slice' through objects
* An Auto Scan feature allows users to capture data at defined intervals of time or distance
* Ability to store up to four custom tip profiles per device at any one time
* Compatible with both MicroScribe 3D and G2 products
You can even use MicroScribe 3D as a mouse to control camera views, set light source locations, and define animation trajectories in real-time.
Compatible Software (not included)
Multimedia 3D Digitizing Software

Microscribe G2 3D digitizer cmm Microscribe G2 3D digitizer cmm