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300' insulated pex - 2X1" non-oxygen barrier - red/blue

Hot water transport from one heating source to your radiant heat system. Non-Oxygen Barrier can be used in open radiant heat systems.
Cold water transport in colder climate to prevent freezing. Please check your area requirements for the trench depth to install below frost line.
Cold water transport in hot climates to prevent the drinking water from getting too warm. This is particularly useful when installing PEX in attics in hot climates.
In geothermal systems, keeping the water the same temperature the THERMOFLEXR will keep the underground constant water temperature to the end location.
Water transportation from one location to another
Low heat loss by using an R25 close cell polyethylene foam around the PEX
Highly flexible When palletized, coil core is 18 inches
Easy to work with unlike many bulky competitors insulated PEX
Can be used for both potable water and hot water transport
Protective shell prevents any outside water or contaminants to get inside and protect from weight compression when burying ThermoFlex.

300' insulated pex - 2X1